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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Sydney to the Max have her first period?

Sydney Has Her First Period! | Sydney to the Max | Disney Channel - YouTube Happy 10th aniversery to Good Luck Charile. Here's a video of the premiere 10 years ago. to the Clips playlis...

Where is Sydney's mom in Sydney to the Max?

2. There really isn’t a lot of explanation to be found on where Sydney’s mom is. The chances are good that you’ll find out more about Sydney’s mom in the series than you will anywhere else since the question is bound to come up when any one parent is missing.

What was the error in Sydney to the Max?

Error: please try again. Sydney and her classmates don't feel comfortable after their teacher assigned everyone in the class to write about historical figures based on their race, so they decide to elect Sydney as their spokesperson to talk to their teacher. Error: please try again.

Is there going to be a new Sydney to the Max?

One thing that’s true no matter which channel you watch is that change is going to have to inevitably happen and new shows are going to have to be brought in to spice things up a bit.

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