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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mother of Sydney in Sydney to the Max?

Cassidey Fralin as Young Alisha, cousin of Leo, future wife of Max, and future mother of Sydney; her adult self dies five years prior to the series' 2019 start The multi-camera series was green-lit by Disney Channel on September 6, 2018, and slated to premiere in early 2019.

Who is dr.alisha in Sydney to the Max?

Dr. Alisha Reynolds (née: Alicia Carter) is a character in Sydney to the Max. She was the late mother of Sydney Reynolds, the late wife of Max Reynolds, and the late daughter-in-law of Judy Reynolds. She died several years prior to the series.

What happens in the day Sydney's mother died?

Max Reynolds lost his wife, and Sydney Reynolds lost her mother. For the two, it felt like life was over. But from tragedy, the two slowly grew closer together as they both began to learn that life does indeed continue after loss.

When did Sydney to the Max come out?

9. It’s one of the newest shows on the Disney Channel. The show just started up in January 2019 and seems to be planning to stick around for a while to come so long as the overall reaction to it is positive and it can keep up in the ratings.

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