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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best water parks in Sydney?

The Putney is a beautiful water park in Sydney which is located on the banks of River Parramatta. One of the main attractions of this place is the infinite expanse of grass and the natural area, which is no less than a visual delight. The park has a massively huge playground which consists of a water area so that both kids and elders can enjoy.

What to do at Raging Waters in Sydney?

Raging Waters Sydney is the place to make your summer memories. Offering over 30 rides, slides and attractions Sydney’s biggest waterpark has something for everyone. Challenge your family and friends on the H2Go Racers, experience the thrills on the 360 Rush, chill out by the beach or slide the brand new – Whirlwind

When is the public exhibition for Sydney Water?

We invite submissions on our draft schedule of developer charges for recycled water infrastructure in the Rouse Hill and Hoxton Park areas. The public exhibition period runs from Monday, 19 July to Monday, 30 August. Learn more at Sydney Water Talk. Do you know how we get safe, reliable water to your property?

Where does Sydney Water get its water from?

View maps of our water network and enter your address to see where your water comes from.

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