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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get water in Sydney?

1 Water service charge (if you have a meter): $24.30 per quarter 2 Water service charge (if you don’t have a meter): $119.77 per quarter 3 Recycled water service (Sydney Olympic Park): $6.08 per quarter

How are fixed charges calculated for Sydney Water?

Fixed (service) charges apply when you're connected to our systems. We provide water and wastewater services to most properties, but we also provide recycled water and stormwater services in some areas. Fixed charges apply each quarter, but are calculated using a daily rate.

What is the average water bill in NSW?

Average Water Bills in Sydney/NSW Across New South Wales, we found the average quarterly water bill to be $246. While these figures are the average, almost a third of bill-payers in NSW (32%) believe their water charges are too high, while 53% make an effort to reduce water usage to cut back on costs.

What's the maximum number of days Sydney Water can use?

The July and October quarters have 92 days, January has 90 days and April has 91 days. The charges below are for the maximum 92 day quarter. The cost to operate and maintain our wastewater network. A deemed charge for usage which covers the transport and treatment of your wastewater.

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