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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best falls to see in Sydney?

1 Wattamolla Falls. Nearby, you’ll also be able to set your sights on Curracurrong Falls because when it comes to the Royal National Park, the falls are endless (well, kind of). 2 Paddy’s River Falls. ... 3 Minamurra Falls. ... 4 Fitzroy Falls. ... 5 Carrington Falls. ...

Where are the waterfalls in New South Wales?

Saddle Gully is the creek which feeds The Waterrun, a rocky hillside which turns into a dramatic cascade after rains (above). Saddle Gully Cascades can be reached by following the creek back from The Waterrun. Located near Darkes Forest, Maddens Falls is truly magnificent, and quite spectacular after heavy rain.

Where are the waterfalls in Coffs Harbour NSW?

The trail to Red Cedar Falls has vista views and a slow building roar as you inch closer and closer to the base of the magnificent falls. Located one hour and twenty minutes from Coffs Harbour, it’s at the end of the Rosewood Creek track.

Where to see the waterfalls in Royal National Park?

Wattamolla Falls is one of the more famous waterfalls in Royal National Park and very easy to get to. The first view point is just moments away from the car park. You can also view it from Wattamolla Beach and even swim right to it in the Wattamolla Lagoon.

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