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Frequently Asked Questions

What is symbolism?

Read through the following notes on symbolism, and then take the quiz in eBackpack over the notes. A symbol is something that represents something else, either by association or by resemblance. It can be a material (concrete) object or a written sign used to represent something invisible (abstract).

What are some examples of symbolism in writing?

Usually, some colors, flowers, weather are also used to symbolize an idea. Given below are some tips that will help one a lot to achieve symbolism in writing: Colors, when used in art, represent different emotions and attitudes. Similarly while writing, writers can use colors to represent different ideas.

What does it mean when a character is a symbol?

When a writer uses an event, item or a character to stand for something else. 2. A character can be a symbol. Often characters are used to symbolize good or evil. Examples: Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter symbolizes evil. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars represents good.

What do objects symbolize in literature?

Objects can also be symbols, such as the ring in Lord of the Rings. It symbolizes a desire for power and greed. 4. Authors might use symbolism, as a form of imagery or metaphor, when they want to portray something to the reader without using the narrator.

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