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Frequently Asked Questions

How does James Joyce use symbolism in 'Araby'?

In " Araby ," Joyce employs much religious symbolism to bring one of his major themes to fruition: the incongruity of the secular and the sacred . The entire story is a religious quest revolving around Mangan's sister, who functions as the Virgin Mary. The "quest" is for the Holy Grail, or her love, but the boy has confused religiousity with lust.

What irony is present in "Araby"?

The main irony in "Araby" is that the unnamed boy expects to buy Mangan's sister a nice gift at the bazaar but ends up with nothing. This is an example of situational irony, as there is a gap here...

What are some biblical allusions that are in Araby?

James Joyce's "Araby" has references and allusions to the bible intertwined within it. The allusions I noticed were to the Garden of Eden and the story of "Adam and Eve.". "Araby" alludes to the Garden of Eden when Joyce says, "The wild garden behind the house contained a central apple tree...".

What does the narrator in Araby realize in the story?

James Joyce's 'Araby' is about a young boy who believes he is in love with his friend Mangan's sister. The story's narrator deludes himself into believing he is experiencing true love, but by the end of the story he realizes that his interest in Mangan's sister has been only a physical attraction. What does Araby mean? kc4u | Student.

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