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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Owl symbolize spiritually?

The owl is one of the most common spirit animals. He is known as the symbol of wisdom, intuition and knowledge. But this is just one Spiritual Meaning Of An Owl, there are many more. If you have chosen the owl as your totem (or it chose you), then you are lucky.

Why is an owl a bad omen?

The role of an owl as a bad omen stretches back to ancient mythology in a number of cultures. Many cultures believe that owls signal an underworld, represent death or human spirits after death.

What is the symbolic meaning of seeing an owl?

Symbolic meanings for the owl are: Intuition, ability to see what others do not see. The presence of the owl announces change. Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks. Wisdom. The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change.

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