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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Symrise's fragrance and flavor segment?

The segment also produces special fragrance & flavor ingredients and fine aroma chemicals of particular quality. These aroma chemicals are used both in Symrise’s own production of perfume oils as well as marketed to companies in the consumer goods industry and other companies in the fragrance and flavor industry.

Why choose Symrise?

„At Symrise, we are assuming responsibility that goes beyond the company itself. We take our customers and consumers, our employees, society and the environment into consideration.“ The 30,000 products we manufacture start life as approximately 10,000 mostly natural raw materials.

What is Symrise doing in Germany?

Symrise has opened a new laboratory for cosmetic ingredients in Holzminden, Germany. The new facility will enable the development, optimization, and testing of new cosmetic formulations, specifically utilizing the portfolio of antimicrobial ingredients from...

What are the natural moisturizing factors in the Symrise portfolio?

Thereby, we will elucidate the roles of Natural Moisturizing Factors, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and filaggrin within this overarching strategy on the basis of four specific products from the Symrise portfolio acting on these essential components: Hydroviton ® PLUS, SymGlucan ®, SymRepair ® 100 and SymReboot™ L19.

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