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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is sysyndrome's Island Guard?

Syndrome's Island Guard is a Rare figure part of The Incredibles collection. The Incredibles are watching you. Syndrome's Island Guard wears all grey, a visor on his eyes, and carries a gun, but he doesn't use it. When playing as him, the Incredibles family watches him.

Who are sysyndrome's security guards in The Incredibles?

Syndrome's security guards are minor antagonist characters in The Incredibles. They are Syndrome 's henchmen, who all share similar characteristics, possibly clones. They are armed with machine guns and carry special security cards in Syndrome's Base. They even possess traits of Syndrome.

Is Gardner syndrome a medical condition?

The skin abnormalities ( epidermoid cysts, fibromas, and lipomas) associated with Gardner syndrome are mainly of cosmetic concern, as they do not appear to become malignant (cancerous). Osteomas (bony growths) do not usually cause medical problems and do not become malignant.

What is the pathophysiology of gatesgardner syndrome?

Gardner syndrome is caused by changes ( mutations) in the APC gene, which is called a " tumor suppressor .". Tumor suppressor genes encode proteins that are part of the system that controls cell growth and division. These proteins ensure that cells do not grow and divide too quickly or in an abnormal manner.

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