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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best tackle shop for fishing?

The Rusty Hook is the premier tackle shop for all your fishing needs. We feature a full range of rods, reels, line, lures, tackle and accessories for local and long range salt water sportfishing and also have an excellent selection of fresh water tackle and accessories.

Which is the best definition of fishing tackle?

1. equipment or gear, esp. for fishing: fishing tackle. 2. any system of leverage using pulleys, as a combination of ropes and blocks as for hoisting or lowering objects. 3. the gear and running rigging of a ship.

Which is the correct way to use tackle verb?

tackle verb (DEAL WITH) B2 [ T ] to try to deal with something or someone: There are many ways of tackling this problem.

Who is the right tackle on a football team?

tackle - the person who plays that position on a football team; "the right tackle is a straight A student". lineman - one of the players on the line of scrimmage.

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