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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I buy for my kids at Target?

Create a cool vibe with awesome accessories your kids will love, like kids’ sunglasses, kids’ face masks, kids’ wallets, kids’ belts, kids’ jewelry, kids’ earrings, kids’ bracelets, kids’ watches, girls’ backpacks, cool backpacks for everyone, cute backpacks , kids watches, bags for girls, nested bean zen sack , ...

What are the results for target for kids?

Currently showing results for Kids. Total results: ( 252) Show results for Accessories. Total results: ( 13) Show results for Bottoms. Total results: ( 27) Show results for Coats + Jackets. Total results: ( 16)

What are the total results for Target Australia?

Total results: ( 2) Show results for Shoes. Total results: ( 20) Show results for Sleepwear. Total results: ( 33) Show results for Swimwear. Total results: ( 9) Show results for Tops. Total results: ( 92) Deal subject to Target’s terms & conditions. Deal subject to Target’s terms & conditions. Deal subject to Target’s terms & conditions.

When is the last day to buy kids clothes at Target?

Offer ends Wednesday 14 July 2021 11.59pm AEST. Please try browsing another category or perform a product search. – Target's range of kids clothes and shoes are suitable for both girls and boys from ages 1-16.

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