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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Target stores convert to Kmarts in Australia?

Target Australia is set to shut more stores permanently in a major shake-up to the retail industry, with further outlets expected to convert into Kmarts. Parent company Wesfarmers announced the majority of the conversions will take place around the country throughout 2021.

Who is the owner of Kmart in Australia?

Kmart Group, the collective of Kmart Australia, Catch and Target Australia, are all owned by Wesfarmers and together form the biggest combined retailer in the country selling more than two million different products.

How many Target stores are there in Australia?

There will be 10 to 25 large format Target stores and 50 Target Country stores which will close over the next twelve months. A number of stores will also be converting to Kmart where the store is suitable to do so. All remaining Target stores will continue trading as Target.

Which is the best discount store Target or Kmart?

Kmart is the golden child of their discount stores. Whilst it is also true that Target’s shelves are becoming bare, it makes me wonder will Wesfarmers now start to put some equal love into both their discount babies, especially now that the favourite is down for a while.

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