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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Tata Nano?

For most, the Nano would have been their very first Tata car, while for others it was a dream come true. Yet, even though the idea was sound, the vehicle failed to capitalize on the market potential and production has all but ended after sales of the company dropped to extremely low levels.

Is Tata Nano the cheapest car in the world?

Tata Nano was marketed as the “cheapest car in the world”. Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work in favour of the Nano as it immediately gained a reputation of a “cheap car” amongst the consumers who don’t want to get associated with a low-end car especially in the urban sector.

What are the technical specifications of Tata Nano?

Technical specifications. The Nano (2012) was a 38 PS (28 kW; 37 hp) car with a two-cylinder 624 cc engine mounted in the rear of the car. The car complied with Bharat Stage 4 Indian Emissions Standards, which are roughly equivalent to Euro 4.

How is the Tata Nano as a travel companion?

The Tata Nano had impressive features like a small fuel-efficient engine, enough room to seat four adults abreast with ease, high ground-clearance, and being sturdy and robust enough for long journeys.

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