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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Tata Nano?

Yes, Tata Nano is a good car to buy. For me a good car is the one that has awesome looks, quick pickup & powerful underhood stuff which provide the great mileage etc. Some of the features are: AMT and power steering. Good legroom and space for 4 people (adults). 4 year standard warranty.

Does Tata Nano have power steering?

Tata Nano CNG emax already comes with power steering, so no need to install it, but if you are talking about Nano CNG XM model, then technically it is possible, but it would be a complex and expensive modification.

How much money is a Tata Nano?

What is the Tata Nano's Price? The Tata Nano was released in India for the price of $2,000 US Dollars (Update: in 2021, it looks like the Tata Nano price is about $3,243 USD for the base Nano GenX XE model). It will easily carry the title of world's cheapest car - by far.

Does the Tata Nano car have airbags?

The Nano also came standard with manual steering, no radio, no air conditioning and no passenger-side mirror. The Nano was also never offered with airbags , in any trim level, no matter how much you paid. Then there's the fueling. If you look at pictures of Nano models, you'll quickly realize that there's no external fuel door.

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