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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tata Nano a game-changer?

Tata Nano during its debut was able to garner a tremendous amount of accolades as this was simply unheard before. It was considered to be a great invention during the time. But unfortunately enough, this invention couldn’t become a ‘game-changer’.

What is the story of Tata Nano?

Lo and Behold; the Tata Nano. The car was named Tata Nano which debuted at the 2008 Auto Expo in India, a name that we are so much familiar with now for all the conscience reasons. The fundamental goal was to provide the diverse citizens of our country with a car for the masses, To make a “1 Lakh Rupee Car” which the masses could afford.

Can you buy a Tata Nano in the US?

Tata Nano Driven In The U.S., And It’s Even Worse Than You Think Back in 2008, Tata thought it would change the global automotive landscape with the Nano, the world’s cheapest car, which used to cost Indians the equivalent of $2,000 to $3,000, depending on options.

What is the competitive strategy of Tata Motors?

The establishment of NANO can be considered as the competitive strategy of Tata Motors in order to attract customers of all ends. The detailed information on facts and figures of Tata NANO is explained in detail and according to TATA report NANO is “the people’s car”.

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