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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of Tata Safari 2021?

The Safari has its own personality, and a charming one at that. It can seat 7 people in comfort, the cabin feels really premium and the ride quality is fantastic. Tata Safari 2021 has 15 video of its detailed review, pros & cons, comparison & variant explained,test drive experience, features, specs, interior & exterior details and more.

What is the price of Tata Safari XM in India?

Tata Safari XM price starts from ₹ 16 36 400 while, XT variant price starts at ₹ 17 81 400. Tata Safari XZ+ is available at the starting price of ₹ 20 56 400, and the XZ+ Safari Adventure price starts from ₹ 20 56 400. Images shown on the website are for representation purpose only.

What are the variants of tatatata Safari?

Tata has brought back its flagship nameplate, the Safari with a completely new SUV. It is available in nine variants namely - XE, XM, XMA, XT, XT Plus, XZ, XZ Plus, XZA and XZA Plus. This SUV is available in six and seven seat configuration that depends upon the variant.

What is the difference between Tata Safari and Tata Harrier?

Safari price starts at ₹ 14.99 Lakh ex-showroom and It comes with 1956 cc engine. Whereas Harrier price starts at ₹ 14.39 Lakh ex-showroom and It comes with 1956 cc engine. Compare the two models to identify the best car for you. Q: What are the offers available on Tata Safari for September?

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