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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taurus technologies?

Taurus Technologies, on the other hand, has provided us with video conferencing and other audio-video services since 2008.” “Taurus Technologies truly embodies the term “World Class” Service.

How does the Taurus UCX work?

The Taurus UCX offers USB-C connectivity for simplified handling of audio, video, power and control signals via one single cable. Take advantage of all the built-in assets of the room from the webcamera to microphones to speaker systems to screens.

Where can I listen to Taurus Tech Talk?

Taurus Tech Talk is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. On the podcast we’ll be discussing everything from new… Marc Harrison from Crestron joins us for another episode of ‘Taurus Tech Talk’ to discuss Unified Communications. We dive into the meaning of Unified Communications, how Zoom has skyrocketed to…

Why connect audio to a torus power isolation transformer?

Connect audio equipment to a Torus Power Isolation Transformer and it comes alive – with more dynamics, improved imaging, and cleaner, enhanced bass. Video is crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter Colors.

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