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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cheese is in Taverna rossa pizza?

The pizza had a nice saltiness from the prosciutto and goat cheese, with tiny sweetness from the figs and a fresh slightly lemony taste from the arugula. I liked this alot but next time might ask to add some honey or that rosemary butter from one of the other pizzas to make it slightly sweet.

Who is Alexandra Tayara of Taverna rossa?

Alexandra Tayara is a singer-songwriter based out of Denton, TX. Her body of work spans multiple genres ranging from the dark to the dreamy, inspired by indie folk, pop, and blues. She was trained classically as a mezzo-soprano, and transitioned into the folk/indie realm when she picked up the guitar.

How long is the wait at Union bear Taverna rossa?

Union Bear consistently has an hour+ wait on weekends. When we discovered Taverna Rossa, we were thrilled! The restaurant is good sized and we haven't experienced an insanely long wait yet! It definitely helps that they allow checkin on Yelp (as do the others).

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