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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the cast members of Aurora Teagarden?

Candace Cameron Bure. Aurora Teagarden 15 Episodes 2021. Marilu Henner. Aida 15 Episodes 2021. Yannick Bisson. Martin Bartell 5 Episodes 2018. Lexa Doig. Sally 7 Episodes 2019. Craig March.

Who is Candace Cameron Bure in Aurora Teagarden?

Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora 'Roe' Teagarden, a librarian in the small town of Lawrenceton, Washington (unlike the Georgia location of the novels) who runs the Real Murders Club. Engaged to professor Nick Miller, set to marry him in Aurora Teagarden Cold Feet and a Cold Case.

Who is Aurora Teagarden in the killing of a Mockingbird?

Aurora Teagarden, the town librarian, is not only a member of the club, a suspect in the murder but also a potential victim as other murders follow - each mimicking a famous crime. Aurora must work quickly to discover which of her fellow sleuths is the killer.

Who is the librarian in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

A librarian with keen investigative skills moonlights as a crime solver in her community.

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