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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Tech?

The definition of a technician is a person whose job or training involves a specific technical process, or is someone skilled or trained in a specific art or craft. An example of a technician is a person who works in a lab and who runs a machine that separates bacteria from blood samples in order to test for illness.

What is daily tech news?

Daily Tech News Show is hosted by Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane and does what it says in the name. Each show delivers the top stories in tech combined with analysis from regular contributors and guest perspectives from the top names in technology.

What are the latest trends in technology?

Top 5 Latest Technology Trends in Information Technology 2018 1. Emerging hardware technologies will lead the way 2. Cloud computing will be the fastest growing information technology (IT) paradigm 3. Internet of Things will play a major role in business strategies 4. Artificial intelligence will stand out in the IT ecosystem

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