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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management ( ECM ) work?

TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables organisations to easily and efficiently capture, store, use and manage information contained within its business documents from any device, anywhere and anytime. ECM captures information from any device, centralising the storage of all business documents.

How is TechnologyOne used in the asset management industry?

Managing over $300 billion worth of assets and infrastructure. Deliver faster, smarter field services for asset management and project delivery. Reduce costs, remove complexity and streamline processes with one integrated solution. Managing over $30 billion in funds.

Is the legacy ECM system still in use?

According to tender documents, the legacy system has since been replaced by an aligned Pathway system, but that any new solution must allow ECM Pathway to be accessed from Pathway and the SharePoint EDRMS.

Where does the Council get its ECM documents from?

As such, a “considerable” number of its ECM documents were generated by a Canterbury system Infor-Pathway – an application used for property and rates management of the council’s properties.

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