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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TechnologyOne do for Curtin University?

Curtin University signed a 10-year SaaS agreement with TechnologyOne to digitally transform its administrative and student management processes for more than 56,000 students and 4,000 staff.

Why is TechnologyOne important to the education industry?

Leveraging the experience of working with leading educational organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, TechnologyOne is best placed to help institutions simplify their processes, adapt to the changing landscape and reduce the administrative burden.

What can you do with TechnologyOne graduate degree?

Being a graduate at TechnologyOne means you'll gain real experience in an innovative and creative environment. You’ll be provided with the foundation you need to excel in your chosen field. We'll invest in your future and give you the training, coaching and development you need to succeed.

How is TechnologyOne used in the asset management industry?

Managing over $300 billion worth of assets and infrastructure. Deliver faster, smarter field services for asset management and project delivery. Reduce costs, remove complexity and streamline processes with one integrated solution. Managing over $30 billion in funds.

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