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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app I can use to monitor my teen?

Once logged in, all you need to do is provide the Apple ID credentials of your child’s iOS device in the app and voila the app starts to fetch logs directly from your child’s iCloud backups without even installing any app on your child’s phone. This is the easiest method available for teen monitoring we have found.

Which is the best parental monitoring app for iPhone?

Teen Orbit TeenOrbit is an easy to use parental monitoring software for monitoring iPhone. You can simply download the app from the AppStore on your own phone and sign up for their service.

What do you need to know about teensafe monitoring?

TeenSafe Monitoring is a cell phone surveillance application, capable of: 1 Viewing text messages (received, sent, deleted) 2 Checking call logs (incoming/outgoing calls) and contacts 3 Tracking real-time GPS location and location history 4 Monitoring web browser history More ...

What does teensafe app do for parental control?

TeenSafe Control is a parental control app that blocks inappropriate content and manages the child’s device. It can: TeenSafe Desktop is a program for parents installed on a Mac or a Windows PC and runs in the background, collecting kid’s phone activity data from TeenSafe servers.

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