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Frequently Asked Questions

How many teenagers have anxiety?

It is estimated that 8-10 percent of all children and teens have an anxiety disorder. It is the most common of all the mental disorders. Unfortunately it also may accompany alcohol and/or drug abuse as some teens turn to these to mask their anxiety.

How to recognise anxiety in teenagers?

Following are several ways to recognize symptoms of social anxiety in teens: Be aware of extreme shyness or discomfort in your teen when he or she becomes the center of attention. ... Pay attention to your child's academic performance. When your straight-A teenager starts bringing home B or C-graded homework and exams, you immediately worry that something is wrong. ... Be aware of your teen's friends or lack thereof. ... More items...

Is your teen suffering from anxiety?

There can be a number of reasons why your teen might be suffering from depression or anxiety. It may be due to school performance, sexual orientation, social status with friends or even family life . All of these reasons can majorly affect your teenager's feelings.

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