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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are teens so easily influenced by peer pressure?

Why are teens so easily influenced by peer pressure? because teens are at a point in their lives when they question their parents and rely more on their peers because parents neglect their children when they are teens, giving teens lower self-esteem because teens mature at different rates and so many bigger teens bully smaller teens.

How a teen can manage peer pressure?

3 Important Tips to Help Your Teen Manage Peer Pressure Set a good example. You are still an important influence in your teen son's life, even if it seems as though he would rather do anything other than learning from ... Instill a good sense of self. ... Be honest with your teen about how the world works. ...

What did you do through peer pressure as a teen?

Positive peer pressure: This makes the teen do positive things such as joining in a gym to maintain a healthy weight, participating in competitions, joining a hobby group , and following some good, everyday habits like eating healthy food because peers do the same.

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