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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the girls on Teens React?

Well this is mainly a sub for girls from Teens React. So all the girls that graduated from Teens React and moved to Adults React are included on the list. As for girls/women who weren't on Teens React, but are on Adults react, it just seemed pointless putting them on the list since most of them are 30+ and are not active on social media.

Is there a web series called Teens React?

Teens react to viral hits, youtubers and more in this new web series. From the directors of Kids React comes Teens react.

Is the YT channel on adults react active?

As for Nora's YT channel, I didn't include it because it seemed really innactive and it didn't seem like it's going to become active anytime soon. What about Ary? Ary is on Adults React and I planned this sub to be mostly for Teens React girls and girls who graduated from Teens react to Adults React.

Is there a subreddit for FBE Teens React?

A fan subreddit for everything related to girls from FBE's Teens React and Adults React series and for general React series discussion. We are not associated with any other subreddits.

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