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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to learn food safety?

FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition developed “Everyday Food Safety” resources to increase food safety awareness among young adults ages 18 – 29. Check out the materials available to use in your classroom, health expo, waiting room, or website.

Where can I find food safety education materials?

PDF | 727 KB This page contains a consolidated listing of consumer education materials offered on the Food Safety and Inspection Service website. View lessons, workshops, activities, and curricula for teachers. Topics include food, nutrition, physical activity, and food safety.

Who are the food handlers in ServSafe program?

The ServSafe Food Handler Program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees

What can you do to ensure your food is safe?

Take steps to ensure your food is safe by learning best practices for how to buy, prepare and store food safely. You can also help protect the broader public and your community by reporting any problems you encounter with food to the appropriate authorities.

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