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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of app is teensafe for Android?

As a surveillance app, TeenSafe is designed for use on smartphones. The app is popular with parents who wish to monitor the online activities of their children. TeenSafe works on both iOS and Android platforms. As a top-performing phone monitoring app, TeenSafe has attracted the attention of the media. The app has been featured on CNET.

How do I install teensafe on my child's phone?

Follow the link to the TeenSafe app and click Install. After the download is complete, open the app on the child’s phone. On your control panel, click Continue. On the child’s device, enter your email and click Next.

How does teensafe work and what does it do?

How Does TeenSafe Work? TeenSafe is a well-known handset and message spy app designed for monitoring internet and phone activities. TeenSafe's algorithm allows you to manage your kids' tablets and phones remotely, and thus collect specific information concerning them.

What makes teensafe a good parental control app?

TeenSafe gets high marks on ease-of-use and attentive customer service. It also takes privacy and security seriously, providing SSL and data encryption to make sure data stays strictly between the child and parent. In fact, the company claims not even TeenSafe itself can see the data.

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