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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the teensafe app?

As a surveillance app, TeenSafe is designed for use on smartphones. The app is popular with parents who wish to monitor the online activities of their children. TeenSafe works on both iOS and Android platforms. As a top-performing phone monitoring app, TeenSafe has attracted the attention of the media. The app has been featured on CNET.

What do customer reviews say about teensafe?

Customer reviews on Sitejabber indicate that TeenSafe subscribers found the spy app below their expectations. Over 129 customers gave the app an average rating of 2.11 stars. They also ranked the app 51st among other mobile surveillance counterparts.

Can teensafe see your phone data?

In fact, the company claims not even TeenSafe itself can see the data. It’s important to note that if parents want to have control over the phone and not just monitor their child’s behavior, they will need to add the TeenSafe Control service, which is an additional cost.

How much does teensafe cost per month?

TeenSafe costs $14.95 per month for teen phone monitoring, meaning that parents can expect to pay approximately $180 per year for iPhone monitoring software. If you wish you stop using the teen monitoring app, your TeenSafe subscription can be cancelled at any time by either visiting your online account or emailing customer support.

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