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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Allstate agent help a teen driver?

Allstate agents get to know you, your new driver and your situation to help your family during this milestone in a teen's life. Even if you're not quite ready to add your teen to your policy, starting a discussion with your agent early can help you get ahead. An experienced agent can help:

How old do you have to be to get the Allstate smart student discount?

The Allstate Smart Student discount saves up to 35% off auto insurance premiums for unmarried students up to a maximum of 25 years old. To qualify for the Smart Student Discount, Allstate requires ONE of the following: Allstate’s teenSMART® Program. For parents of teen drivers, Allstate offers the teenSMART® driver education program.

Is the teensmart program safe for teen drivers?

It's Valid: teenSMART is the most widely evaluated and tested teen driver-safety program ever developed. It's Proven: In repeated trials, teens who complete teenSMART have up to 30% fewer collisions one year after training than teens who didn't take teenSMART.

What kind of driver education does Allstate offer?

Your teen successfully completes the teenSMART® driver education program For parents of teen drivers, Allstate offers the teenSMART ® driver education program. teenSMART ® is a software course that your teen can take at home.

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