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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discount for GEICO for teens?

Geico Auto Insurance Company has a unique discount they provide for teens. Once again, they too participate in the good student discount and you can receive about 15 percent off each year. However, it gets better. You may also qualify by associating yourself with one of their 275 affiliates. That is correct.

Are there any discounts for GEICO for new drivers?

GEICO has some recommendations that could help the family budget. Discounts for driver training programs: A number of auto insurance companies in several states provide discounts for students who complete a driver training program. Discounts will vary, so it's important to compare car insurance.

How to get a teensmart discount from Liberty Mutual?

Please contact your local Liberty Mutual insurance agent to confirm your teen's eligibility for a discount. If you are eligible, your agent can calculate your actual premium savings upon completion of the teenSMART program. Be sure to ask your agent for a teenSMART discount code to reduce the purchase cost as well!

Is the teensmart program safe for teen drivers?

It's Valid: teenSMART is the most widely evaluated and tested teen driver-safety program ever developed. It's Proven: In repeated trials, teens who complete teenSMART have up to 30% fewer collisions one year after training than teens who didn't take teenSMART.

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