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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance does teensmart give you?

Adept Driver has a full range of products to promote driver safety and education – they also have programs for older drivers and training programs for companies. teenSMART is their most popular product.

Are there any other programs like teensmart for drivers?

There are many other driver education programs on the market, although teenSMART consistently gets stellar reviews for its scientifically-based approach. Many states offer their own driver training program and defensive driving courses. Some schools also offer driver’s ed as an elective for teenagers.

Where can I get a teensmart coupon code?

Contact your local AAA insurance agent to confirm your teen's eligibility for a discount. Your agent can calculate your actual premium savings upon completion of the teenSMART program. Be sure to ask your agent for a teenSMART coupon code to reduce the purchase cost as well!

What can you do at teensmart for teens?

In the course, you’ll get computer lessons and practice simulations to teach your teen about the leading causes of car accidents. The practice simulations teach them strategies to stay safe on the road and give them an easy way to practice before they get behind the wheel.

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