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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find teensmart V4 on my computer?

Find the teenSMART v4 icon on your computer desktop and double-click it to launch the program. Follow the instructions to register using the Student ID from the order confirmation email. Questions? Call Product Support at 1-800-808-5678, M - F, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Is the teensmart program safe for teen drivers?

It's Valid: teenSMART is the most widely evaluated and tested teen driver-safety program ever developed. It's Proven: In repeated trials, teens who complete teenSMART have up to 30% fewer collisions one year after training than teens who didn't take teenSMART.

Where can I get a teensmart coupon code?

Contact your local Allstate insurance agent to confirm your teen's eligibility for a discount. Your agent can calculate your actual premium savings upon completion of the teenSMART program. Be sure to ask your agent for a teenSMART coupon code to reduce the purchase cost as well!

How long does it take to get teensmart certification?

Certification: Complete tests on your home computer, at your own pace. See test results and receive proof of completion in minutes. Approximately 8 hours to complete. Training is divided into short 30-minute chapters so teens can complete the program at their own pace.

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