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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the combination of the teensy 4.1 bring?

The combination the Teensy 4.1 brings is a high-bandwidth, low latency 100 Mbit Ethernet connection without an add-on PCB (shield) or by moving to a full OS-based single board computer. This capability means taking advantage of the real-time nature of the microcontroller and combining it with a high-throughput data pipe.

What is the latest version of the teensy 4.1 breakout board?

This project was created on 10/05/2020 and last updated 4 months ago. Teensy 4.1 Breakout Board for grblHAL Motion Controller SW.

What are the major improvements to the Sony Teensy 4.1?

The additional size allows for more I/O pins and features new to the Teensy 4.1: 100 Mbit Ethernet, improved USB host, SD card socket, and memory expansions. Of the improvements, adding 100 Mbit Ethernet support is likely the largest. There is a dedicated Ethernet physical layer interface (PHY).

What is the difference between the pjrc Teensy 4.0 and 4.?

Teensy 4.1 from PJRC is an update of their already mighty Arduino-compatible board. As the minor revision number suggests, the new board is an extension that builds on the previously introduced 4.0. To clarify, while we call the Teensy 4.1 an upgrade or improvement to the Teensy 4.0, it is a standalone product.

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