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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the PSRAM chip on Teensy 4.1?

APS6404L_3SQR datasheet . The PSRAM chip is meant to be soldered to the smaller pads on the bottom side of Teensy 4.1, underneath the SD card socket, between pins 31-32 and 33-34. Do not use the larger pads. A single PSRAM chip must be solded to the smaller pads to be detected.

Can you use PSRAM in Teensy 4.1 Arduino?

After soldering the PSRAM to your Teensy 4.1, run this memory test program to verify the PSRAM memory really is working properly. To use PSRAM memory in Arduino, add EXTMEM to large arrays or other variables you wish to be allocated in the PSRAM.

What kind of memory does Teensy 4.1 have?

The bottom side of Teensy 4.1 has locations to solder 2 memory chips. The smaller location is meant for a PSRAM SOIC-8 chip which we stock. The larger location is intended for QSPI flash memory. Teensy 4.1's USB Host port allows you to connect USB devices, like keyboards and MIDI musical instruments.

Is the teensy 3.6 the same as Teensy 4.1?

The Teensy 4.1 has the same form factor as the Teensy 3.6 (2.4" by 0.7"), but provides a ton more I/O capability, including an 100MB Ethernet PHY, SD card socket (SDIO connected), and USB host port. Please check out the Teensy 4.0 page for common specifications and features.

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