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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of signal does Teensy 3.5 accept?

Digital pins may be used to receive signals. Teensy 3.5 pins default to a low power disabled state. The pinMode function with INPUT must be used to configure these pins to input mode. Then the input may be read with digitalRead. Teensy 3.5 pins accept 0 to 5V signals. The pins are 5V tolerant.

Is the teensy 3.5 a good computer?

The Teensy 3.5 is great! More speed, more memory. 5V tolerant and has a micro SD card slot. I'm just getting started with it but it's meeting expectations. Thanks for a great product.

How many pins does a teensy 3.5 have?

Teensy 3.5 has a total of 64 input/output signal pins. 42 are easily accessible when used with a solderless breadboard. This pinout reference card comes with Teensy 3.5.

What's the difference between Teensy 3.2 and 3.5?

And, just like the 3.2, but unlike the 3.6 version, the 3.5 is 5V tolerant on most of the input pins. This is important if you have sensors or I2C devices that use 5V signaling (which a lot of "arduino compatible" gear does.)

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