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Frequently Asked Questions

What does " 5V tolerance " mean on Teensy 3.2?

I can tell you 5V tolerance is about inputs. That means you can connect some other device that sends a 5V signal to Teensy 3.2. Even though the chip is 3.3V, it will not be damaged if you connect a 5V signal to the digital pins. When the digital pins are used as outputs, they drive 3.3V output when high.

What kind of power does Teensy 4.1 use?

The Teensy 4.1 operates at 3.3V internally and expects I/O to not exceed 3.3V. It is not 5V tolerant on any of its pins except for the VIN and VSUB pins which can be used to supply 5V power to the module. If you use any 5V peripherals that drive signals back to the Teensy 4.1, be sure to utilize logic level shifters to avoid possible damage.

What kind of voltage does a teensy pin need?

When digital pins are used as inputs, they expect a digital signal with a specific voltage level. 3.3V Only means signals higher than 3.3V may damage your Teensy. 5V Tolerant means the pins expects a 3.3V signal, but is designed to allow up to 5 volts.

What kind of signal does Teensy 3.5 accept?

Digital pins may be used to receive signals. Teensy 3.5 pins default to a low power disabled state. The pinMode function with INPUT must be used to configure these pins to input mode. Then the input may be read with digitalRead. Teensy 3.5 pins accept 0 to 5V signals. The pins are 5V tolerant.

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