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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the pin on a can for Teensy?

If you use a CAN device such as Kvaser USB CAN to talk to Teensy, including a DB9 female connector for Teensy is more convenient to connect. On the DB9 female, pin 2 is for CAN-L and pin 7 is for CAN-H. You can refer to this page for picture of the pin ( ).

Is there a FlexCAN version of canbus for Teensy?

Collin’s FlexCAN version is a modification of the original FlexCAN repos from here and here. If you use example codes that may refer to the other two author’s FlexCAN libraries, chance is your board CAN bus not going to work with built-in FlexCAN. The sample code needs to point to the correct library.

Can a CAN bus be used on a teensy?

However, the CAN port comes in the Teensy is not complete to use right out of the box for both sending and receiving (read more here ). We need an extra component to allow CAN sending from Teensy, that’s a CAN transceiver. If you also read the How to enable CAN bus on Jetson TX2 before, this is basically the same case.

What kind of software can I use for Teensy?

Visual Micro allows use of Microsoft Visual Studio to program Arduino compatible boards, including Teensy. Only Windows is supported. Visual Micro is commercial paid software. PlatformIO IDE is a cross platform development environment with many advanced features.

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