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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a teensy for smartled shield?

To control the panel using the SmartLED shield, you will need a Teensy. You can use a Teensy 4.0 but you would need to make sure that you are using the appropriate SmartLED Shield version or adapter. added to your cart !

Can a teensy be used with a normal cable?

The externally powered Teensy should not be used with a normal cable. Despite the disadvantages, this approach involves cutting a cheap cable instead a more expensive Teensy or Teensy++ board. This option is the only one which can be undone without soldering.

How is the battery connected to the teensy?

The battery also needs to be connected with a diode, where the cathode connects Teensy's Vcc (+5V) pin. The diode also protects Teensy if the battery is connected backwards. The 1N5817 diodes will typically lose about 0.3 volts.

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