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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the source code for Teensy 4.0?

You can find the source code for the Teensy 4.0 here: In the repo’s README there’s a thorough explanation on how to build the firmware and how to flash it, so I’ll skip some details here. Therefore, to build the code you can run this command: This will build the code with the default options.

Which is cross platform development environment does Teensy use?

PlatformIO IDE is a cross platform development environment with many advanced features. Windows, Linux and Macintosh are supported. Makefiles for non-graphical use are provided with the Teensyduino installer. The FPU performs 32 bit float math in hardware, at approximately the same speed as integer math.

What's the newest version of the teensy board?

There’s a new Teensy in the town. It’s the new Teensy 4.0 and it’s a small beast. Well, as you probably already know, Teensy boards are not only famous because of their nice small factor boards and their Arduino compatibility, but also because of the ecosystem around them.

What kind of signal does Teensy 3.6 accept?

Digital pins may be used to receive signals. Teensy 3.6 pins default to a low power disabled state. The pinMode function with INPUT must be used to configure these pins to input mode. Then the input may be read with digitalRead. Teensy 3.6 pins accept 0 to 3.3V signals. The pins are not 5V tolerant.

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