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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Teensy work on a USB keyboard?

-- WARNING: obsolete, use Teensyduino for new projects The example program configures all Port B and Port D pins as inputs with pullup resistors. When any of these 16 pins is shorted to ground, 2 keystrokes are sent to the PC naming that pin.

Where to find the pins on Teensy 3.2?

You can reference to the Teensy 3 and Teensy 3.2 diagrams to find the pin names. Have a look at the following extract: Pin labelled on the Teensy board as 0 goes by PTB16, so that will be our B16 (ignore PT). Pin 1 is B17, 2 is D0, 3 is A12.

What do you need to make a custom keyboard?

What is important are the bits. Take a good set of cutting, sanding, carving, grinding, drilling, engraving bits. The more the merrier, you never know which one you’ll need. The rotary tool is probably the most important piece of hardware for any maker. I also find myself using a glue gun quite often.

Which is the best keyboard controller to use?

The most user friendly controller to code for is without doubt the Teensy 2 (or equivalent). It is based on a very stable MCU (the almighty Atmega32u4) and –even though it is not the fanciest of the controllers– it is more than enough to handle any keyboard and if you need more keys you can always switch to the bigger brother, the Teensy 2++.

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