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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Teensy LC 3.2 units cost?

Technical Specifications Feature Teensy LC Teensy 3.2 Units Price $11.65 $19.80 US Dollars Processor Core Rated Speed Overclockable MKL26Z64VFT4 Cortex-M0+ 48 - MK20DX256VLH7 Cortex-M4 72 96 MHz MHz Flash Memory Bandwidth Cache 62 96 64 256 192 256 kbytes Mbytes/sec Bytes RAM 8 64 kbytes 8 more rows ...

Is the teensy LC a 32 bit microcontroller?

Teensy-LC (Low Cost) is a powerful 32 bit microcontroller board, with a rich set of hardware peripherals, at a very affordable price! Teensy-LC

What kind of USB ports does Teensy LC have?

Teensy-LC has the same powerful USB hardware as Teensy 3.2. All USB data transfer is done directly to memory with minimal CPU overhead. Teensy-LC supports USB Serial, MIDI, Keyboard (international layouts), Mouse, Joystick, and RawHID protocols.

What kind of memory does Teensy Circuito LC have?

The LC retains the dimensions of the discontinued 3.1, which it replaces at the very bottom of the current line-up. It’s lightweight, compact, and suitable for just about any application where the more powerful boards would be overkill. You’ll get 48Mhz on the ARM chip, along with 62K of flash memory and a 12-bit ADC.

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