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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Teensy loader to work?

The Teensy Loader should appear as a small window. If the Teensy board is running the LED blink, or not connected, you should see this window. If HalfKay is running, you should see this. If not, simply make sure your Teensy board is connected, and press the pushbutton to run HalfKay. The Teensy Loader will quickly recognize it.

How to install Teensy loader on Arduino board?

When you use Arduino, this will be done automatically, but doing it manually is a simple way to check that your board works. Just download the Teensy Loader and the LED Blink samples.

How do I open blink fast in Teensy loader?

The Teensy Loader will quickly recognize it. From the File name, choose "Open HEX File" and open blink_fast.hex, which you downloaded using the link at the top of this page. You can also open the file using the toolbar button, or using drag-and-drop onto the upper portion of the window.

How to download and install Teensy support into Windows?

Download the corresponding Teensyduino installer. Run the installer by adding execute permission and then execute it. Download Arduino's Windows ZIP file for non admin install. Extract the ZIP file, and remember the extracted location. Download the Teensyduino installer. Save the file, do not run.

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