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Frequently Asked Questions

How to compile Teensy loader in command line?

The command line version is provided as source code for most platforms. To compile, you must have gcc or mingw installed. Edit the Makefile to select your operating system, then just type "make".

When to use reset button on Teensy loader?

When a Teensy has been programmed with such incorrect code, the reset button must be held down BEFORE the USB cable is connected, and then released only after the USB cable is fully connected. -w : Wait for device to appear. When the pushbuttons has not been pressed and HalfKay may not be running yet, this option makes teensy_loader_cli wait.

How to add makefile to Teensy loader app?

Edit the Makefile to select your operating system, then just type "make". If you have a BSD compatible make, replace "Makefile" with "Makefile.bsd". Version 2.1 adds support for Teensy 3.5 & 3.6, and support for all Teensy boards on Windows.

How does Teensy loader work on an Arduino?

The Teensy Loader program communicates with your Teensy board when the HalfKay bootloader is running, so you can download new programs and run them. Update: Teensy LC & 3.x are supported by Teensyduino. After installation, Teensy Loader is in hardware/tools. It is run automatically when using Verify or Upload within the Arduino software.

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