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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a command line version of Teensy loader?

The Teensy Loader is available in a command line version for advanced users who want to automate programming, typically using a Makefile. For most uses, the graphical version in Automatic Mode is much easier. The command line version is provided as source code for most platforms. To compile, you must have gcc or mingw installed.

How does Teensy loader work in automatic mode?

To try Automatic mode, simply click the "Auto" button, or choose "Automatic Mode" from the Operations menu. The Auto button should illuminate bright green. Then, open the slow LED blink HEX file. When you press the button on your Teensy board, Automatic Mode will quickly program and reboot your board.

How do I open blink fast in Teensy loader?

The Teensy Loader will quickly recognize it. From the File name, choose "Open HEX File" and open blink_fast.hex, which you downloaded using the link at the top of this page. You can also open the file using the toolbar button, or using drag-and-drop onto the upper portion of the window.

How to add makefile to Teensy loader app?

Edit the Makefile to select your operating system, then just type "make". If you have a BSD compatible make, replace "Makefile" with "Makefile.bsd". Version 2.1 adds support for Teensy 3.5 & 3.6, and support for all Teensy boards on Windows.

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