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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a teensy 3 be used as a MIDI controller?

They are small, cheap, have plenty of ins and outs, and you can turn them into USB MIDI devices really easily (or many other types of standard USB devices). The Teensy 3 and LC also have a bunch of “touch pins” built in, which means you can just attach any bit of metal to them and they’ll become capacitive touch sensors.

What can you do with a midicontroller library?

However, for building a MIDI controller, this MIDIcontroller library provides easy-to-use functions to communicate MIDI messages for buttons, knobs, encoders and other commonly used hardware. These functions allow you to transmit all of the standard MIDI messages .

How to make a MIDI controller with Arduino?

Replace all the text in Arduinos text editor with this code. Go to Tools -> Board and select the specific Teensy board you are using. If you cannot see the Teensy board section go back and make sure you correctly installed Teensyduino. Go to Tools -> USB Type and selected ‘MIDI’.

What kind of operating system does teensyduino use?

Environments like Puredata and Max/MSP can give you access to MIDI for almost any purpose. MIDI is optimized to simultaneously transmit and receive large numbers of short messages with minimal delay. Teensyduino implements a "class compliant" MIDI device, which can work with the built-in drivers on all major operating systems.

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