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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my Teensy as a MIDI device?

To get started with examples, click: File > Examples > Teensy > USB_MIDI. When you select "MIDI" from the Tools->USB Type menu, the Teensy becomes a USB MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) device, capable of sending and receiving MIDI messages.

Is the teensy 4.1 MIDI breakout board compatible?

Teensy 4.1 MIDI Breako... Enjoy MIDI Breakout board for your Teensy microcontroller. This board is designed for Teensy4.1 and it's not compatible with other Teensy. If you're looking for similar board for Teensy3.2, Teensy4... Read More… Enjoy MIDI Breakout board for your Teensy microcontroller.

What kind of USB port does Teensy 3.6 use?

Teensy 3.6 can also support USB Host MIDI, and with Ethernet hardware RTP-MIDI is also possible. This page documents ordinary serial MIDI which uses round 5-pin DIN connectors.

What kind of operating system does teensyduino use?

Environments like Puredata and Max/MSP can give you access to MIDI for almost any purpose. MIDI is optimized to simultaneously transmit and receive large numbers of short messages with minimal delay. Teensyduino implements a "class compliant" MIDI device, which can work with the built-in drivers on all major operating systems.

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