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Frequently Asked Questions

When to give your baby teething toys?

When to Give Your Baby Teething Toys. Most babies start teething within 4-6 months , which is a great time to start introducing teethers. When your baby sprouts their first tooth depends a lot on genetics, and your baby may start teething sooner or later than this window.

Why teething toys are needed?

Why teething toys are needed Baby teething toys are beneficial, not only for helping relieve a baby's pain, but also for helping a baby's cognitive development. A teething toy allows a baby to develop motor-skills.

How do you clean teething toys?

Treat stains by cleaning the toy, mixing a solution of half-and-half white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spraying the toy. Scrub the stains with a clean sponge. Dry the wood toy or teething object with a clean dishtowel until dry.

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