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Frequently Asked Questions

What does telecommute mean exactly?

telecommute(Verb) To work from home, sometimes for part of a working day or week, using a computer connected to one's employer's network or via the Internet. Etymology:From tele- + commute

What is the difference between telecommute and telework?

Differences Between Teleworking and Telecommuting. The prefix ‘tele’ means “distance”. Teleworking refers to working from a distance. Telecommuting refers specifically to the elimination of a daily commute. Telecommuters are always teleworkers, but teleworkers are not necessarily telecommuters.

Does telecommuting really work?

Key Takeaways Telecommuting involves working outside of a brick-and-mortar office and using technology to do your job. It's also known as teleworking, e-commuting, and working remotely. Many types of employers allow telecommuting. Some people telecommute full time, while others do only for a percentage of their work week. More items...

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